Please be so kind as to ask us if you think of manufacturing for trial, producing and supplying of plastic precision partsie.g. gear or pully etcj

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outline history list of injection molding facilities

@list of injection molding facilities

Main Production Facilities

Headquarters Factory

vertical precision injection molding machines @VT/QunitsERO/PunitEPO/Qunits
horizontal precision injection molding machines @TO/RunitsERO/QunitsEQT/PunitEPO/Qunits
vacuum dryers @Punit
hot air dryers @Sunits
grunders @Xunits
bench lathes @Punit
bench-type all-purpose machine tool @Punit
tappring machines @Qunits


China Factory
horizontal precision injection molding machines PWOEPUOEPTOEWOETOESOERO
@P to R units of each
molding maintenance equipment wire cut EDMEgrinderEmilling machine etc

Main Inspection Facilities

3D measuring machine Punit
Testing machine for gear tooth contact alignment Punit
Digital projector Punit
touch signal probe type
height gauge
microscope for tools Punit
all types of measuring instruments numerous
3D measuting machine
3D measuring machine

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