Please be so kind as to ask us if you think of manufacturing for trial, producing and supplying of plastic precision parts(e.g. gear or pully etc)

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Grill roaster for IH cooking heater GIRARROSTO
 special processing (gemma coating)

・Special processing is very efficient for infrared radiation,
and you can cook with non smoke in a short time.
・Its surface is covered with teflon with vacuum impregnation to be hard to peel off.

            set contents: platex1 coverx1 basex1
               size : about width380xdepth240xheight90(mm)
             weight  : about 2.8kg
            normal price : 19,800yen (including tax)
            Made in Japan
[base] black [cover] mirror finish
[base] orange [cover] black
    It sold out bacause of reputation.
      Thank you so much

・Please would contact us if you want to buy or ask about this goods.
・We are looking for selling agents.

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