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Company Profile

company name ID SANGYO CO., LTD.
head office (POST CODE)537−0001
1-6-13, Fukaekita, Higashinari-ku, Osaka City
ESTABLISHED 28 / 02 / 1974
CAPITAL 20,000,000yen(USD181,819)
REPRESENTATIVE Hideo Kawashima, Representative Director
MAIN BANKS Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank  Tamatsukuri Branch
Kinki Osaka Bank    Imazato Branch
  Mitsui Sumitomo Bank    Abeno Branch
  Awa Bank        Higashi Osaka Branch

list of injection molding facilities

→ Facilities in China factory

Our partner company owns a molding machine with 300 tons of tightening power. Our factory in China possesses molding machine with fastening power of 30 tons to 260 tons.

 Vertical precision injection molding machines  75ton/2units, 10ton/2units
 Horizontal precision injection molding machines  50ton/2units, 30ton/1units, 25ton/1unit, 10ton/2units
 Vacuum dryer  1unit
 Hot air dryers  4units
 Grinders  9units
 Bench lathes  1unit
 Bench-type all-purpose machine tool  1unit
 Tapping machines  2unit

Main Inspection Facilities

 3D measuring machine  1unit
 Testing machine for gear tooth contact alignment  1unit
 Digital projector  1unit
 Touch signal probe type height gauge  1unit
 tool microscope  1unit
 All types of measuring instruments  numerous

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