Please be so kind as to ask us if you think of manufacturing for trial, producing and supplying of plastic precision parts(e.g. gear or pully etc)

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Idea & Industrial Design

     Our ID SANGYO name was derived from the "I" and "D" in "idea" and
   "industrial design." It illustrates our company's stance in wishing to provide
   strong assistance from the developmental stage of various products using
   our accumulated knowledge.
     Please contact us regarding your projects from the creation of prototypes
   to actual production and supply. We will turn your ideas into reality.

   Training as the base of our enterprise.

  Since the day of our establishment our company's motto has been
  "the origin of technology is people" and we have always held fast
  to this company philosophy. In addition to sending our personnel
  out for various kinds of training to bring back the latest
  technology, we also have educational programs to increase the
  abilities of personnel in each section.

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