Please be so kind as to ask us if you think of manufacturing for trial, producing and supplying of plastic precision partsie.g. gear or pully etcj

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ID SANGYO CO., LTD injection molding and testing facilities
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We can provide you

A system that offers support for your requirements
from design to secondary processing and assembly.
presicion molded pieces

@Our range of technology begins with the selection of
raw materials and includes the creation of metal molds,
precision molds, press processing, silk screen printing, etc.,
and covers everything you may require.

In the area of precision gears, we have been highly evaluated for
our achievement of levels 1-3 of the JGMA standards.
In the field of assembly processing, processing either in Japan or overseas is
@@@possible and we have a system in place that has cost correspondence capabilities.

In addition to this, our system can handle handmade prototype development
@@@and singular small lot production, and can even provide developmental support
@@@for products that do not have design drawings to fully meet your requirements.

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