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 Our ID SANGYO name was derived from the "I" and "D" in "idea" and "industrial design." It illustrates our company's stance in wishing to provide strong assistance from the developmental stage of various products using our accumulated knowledge.
 Please contact us regarding your projects from the creation of prototypes to actual production and supply. We will turn your ideas into reality

Our planning and support capabilities are backed up by our technology.

Since our establishment in 1973, our company has expanded our business with the development and production of precision molded parts and we have branched into the fields of inserted molded items, secondary processing/assembly processing as well we the sales of related products.

 Our comapny's strength lies in our ability to provide our customers with technology that meets their requirements, and to provide proposals based on it.

We are a company that "creates and incorporates quiality."

 In the production area where superior precision and strict quality management are demanded, we have established a comprehensive inspection system to "create and incorporate quality" and have constructed an efficient production system with substantial facilities.

 In particular, we have introduced the latest testing instruments in the area of quality managemaent and, under the meticulous management of procedures, have continued to confirm the quality for numerous clients.

We take pride in our long history of overseas business development.

 We have been engaged in overseas development in the "idea industry" since our founding. After established our Taipei office, we established our Hong Kong office and were one of the first in our industry to begin on-site production and business development in China at such an early stage.

 In particular, the overseas network we built in Asia functions not only as as production base of quality products, but also serves as a base for collecting information from around the world.

 This overseas networkis the reason that ID SANGYO can meet demands for the supply of products, while at the same time seve as a manufacturer.

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